Womens Private Equity Summit: An Overview

Womens Private Equity Summit: An Overview

Have you heard about the Women’s Private Equity Summit? If you work in private markets investing – or aspire to – this pioneering global event series is one you’ll want to know about.

Over the past 15+ years, the Women’s Private Equity Summit has established itself as the must-attend gathering for senior women leading the way in alternatives. It regularly brings together over 850 prominent limited partners (LPs), general partners (GPs), and other leaders across private equity, infrastructure, venture capital, and beyond.

The summit provides an unparalleled opportunity for high-level networking, dealmaking, knowledge sharing and advancing women’s leadership across private markets. Let’s explore the origins, evolution and impact of this not-to-miss series.

Event Formats and Locations

The Women’s Private Equity Summit has expanded into the premier global event series for women in alternatives, with annual flagship summits across key markets:

North America Summit

Kicking off in San Diego each March, the North America Summit began 16 years ago as the original gathering. This staple West Coast event welcomes 500+ LPs and GPs from across the Americas and beyond.

European Summit

First held in London in September 2023, the European Summit assembled over 300 senior women investing leaders from inside and outside the region last year.

Asia-Pacific Summit

The Asia-Pacific Summit launched in Singapore in February 2023 as the newest addition providing essential insights across emerging Asia markets.

Whether in North America, Europe or Asia-Pacific, these summits connect women leading pensions, endowments, foundations, PE firms, infrastructure funds and more.

Notable Speakers and Topics

The Women’s Private Equity Summit agenda offers a dynamic mix of keynote talks, panel discussions, networking sessions and more.

Expert Speakers

Star summit speakers have included investor trailblazers like Fairview Capital Partners’ JoAnn Price, one of the first African-American women to found a PE firm. Price participated in an inspiring discussion on her journey with Fairview Co-Founder Laurence C. Morse at the 6th Annual Summit.

At the 2023 North America Summit, billionaire businesswoman Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners, examined effective leadership styles. While Raising Capital’s Karen Harris explored global macroeconomic trends at the 2023 European Summit.

Agenda Themes and Discussions

From fundraising strategies to emerging technologies, the summit covers timely topics shaping private markets. Recurring themes include:

  • LP Investment Trends: Asset allocation outlooks across PE, infrastructure, VC
  • ESG: Issues like clean tech financing and decarbonization
  • Emerging Markets: India healthcare, Asia-Pacific insights
  • DE&I Developments: Progress benchmarking and recruitment tips
  • Secondaries, Co-Investments: Market growth and deal assessment

No matter your speciality, there’s no shortage of substantive discussions.

Networking and Dealmaking

While content takes center stage, connecting with fellow attendees is arguably equally valuable.

LP and GP One-on-One Meetings

Arranged introductions between investors allow LPs and GPs to explore partnership opportunities. Over 50% of past attendees have entered new deals with connections made at the summits.

Interactive Sessions

Small group workshops, mentoring circles, roundtable think tanks and more enable attendees to exchange ideas and build relationships.

Social Events

Receptions, meals and networking breaks provide a relaxed setting to meet peers over wine, coffee or food.

Testimonials and Success Stories

From securing speaking opportunities to closing lucrative investments, women rave about the summits’ career and business impact. Alaska Permanent Fund Corp’s Lara Pollock described it as “meeting brilliant, accomplished women in private markets” while Manulife’s John Anderson called it “a high quality investor overview and wide access.”

How Does Attending the Women’s Private Equity Summit Impact Analysis Group Associate Salary Range?

Attending the Women’s Private Equity Summit can have a positive impact on the analysis group associate salary range. This summit provides networking opportunities, skill development, and exposure to industry trends, all of which can lead to career advancement and increased earning potential for analysis group associates.

Investor and Industry Impact

Beyond individual attendees, the Women’s Private Equity Summit series plays a vital role in advancing institutional investors, overall gender inclusion and global innovation across alternatives:

Growing Investor Interest in Alternatives

As pension funds, insurers and endowments increase alternatives allocations, the summits help them identify promising GPs. Over 850 different LPs have participated to date.

Supporting Women’s Advancement

By showcasing trailblazers like Price, providing leadership forums and beyond, the events empower women to rise to the executive ranks.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

Cross-pollination between investors and sectors drivess cutting-edge products. Connections seeded at past summits have bred ideas from blockchain to biotech.

Future Growth Outlook

Beyond private equity, we’ll likely see expanded programming around infrastructure, secondaries, credit and other adjacent spaces that continue pushing progress around capital formation.


Through powerful networking, dynamic content and elevating visibility of women driving returns across alternatives, the Women’s Private Equity Summit has become a trusted global brand for senior LP and GP female leaders over nearly two decades.

Its regional format connects established and emerging markets alike, while an ever-evolving agenda spotlights advancements around investing strategies, technologies and diversity.

As the alternatives landscape grows increasingly global and complex, the summits provide an invaluable compass to help women investors navigate it by coming together to share wisdom and opportunities. There’s never been a more exciting time to get involved in the conversation.

Will I see you at an upcoming Women’s Private Equity Summit? Reach out if you have any other questions!

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