What Does an Outsourced CMO Do? Roles & Responsibilities.

What Does an Outsourced CMO Do? Roles & Responsibilities.

You own your own business. or the CEO. or just a corporate executive looking to advance your organisation. One issue, though, is that you just can’t seem to get the growth and marketing quite right.

You’ve experimented with influencer collaborations, content development, and digital marketing.

What if I told you there was a way to bring in a seasoned marketing expert – someone who could create a killer strategy, manage execution across channels, rally your team, report back with insightful data, and drive transformative growth?

And do it all at a fraction of the cost of hiring such talent full-time internally?

Enter the outsourced Chief Marketing Officer. An on-demand CMO available as a part-time consultant to deliver you the experience, leadership, and results that even top agencies struggle to achieve.

Intrigued? Keep reading to find out exactly what an outsourced CMO does and how leveraging one could take your business higher than you imagined!

What is an Outsourced CMO?

An outsourced CMO (also called a fractional or interim CMO) is essentially a part-time contract Chief Marketing Officer. This model allows savvy companies to tap C-level strategic marketing talent without the commitment or cost burdens of having a full-time executive on staff.

Rather than being employed as a salaried employee, an outsourced CMO operates as an on-demand consultant. They are brought in for a specific scope of work, timeline, and compensation structure tailored to the client’s budget and needs.

Common contracts range from 10 to 30 hours per month, although projects may be shorter or longer term. Work may be performed on-site, remote, or a blend of both.

Now you might be wondering…

Why Do Companies Hire Outsourced CMOs?

There are several key reasons organizations choose to leverage an outsourced CMO:

Cost Savings – Fractional CMOs allow you to net the experience of an enterprise-level CMO at a much lower spend than hiring internally. Their fees are generally 1/3 to 1/5 the cost of a salaried executive.

Specialized Skills – Outsourced CMOs hone specific expertise around areas like digital media, branding, market research, and more. You can match talent directly to current initiatives.

Bandwidth Flexibility – Only pay for the strategic bandwidth you need. Scale up for launches and growth spurts or down for slower periods.

Growth Acceleration – An outsourced CMO brings an infusion of knowledge plus accountability to deliver tangible marketing outcomes.

Neutral Perspective – As an unbiased outsider, a fractional CMO provides objective counsel to leadership teams.

In essence, tapping an experienced outsourced marketing leader lets you punch above your weight class. You gain executive-level direction without the politics, overhead, and distractions of a full-timer.

Now that you know why companies leverage outsourced CMOs, let’s explore exactly what they do to drive results…

Key Responsibilities of an Outsourced CMO

The core duty of any outsourced CMO is to elevate marketing capability and output for the organizations they engage. From strategic planning to tactical oversight and everything between, an outsourced CMO’s role may encompass:

Developing Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

The first priority is crafting an integrated strategic plan aligned to business goals and positioned for flawless execution. This includes:

Brand Messaging – Distilling and refining brand voice and positioning for resonance.

Growth Roadmaps – Modeling data-backed pathways with key performance indicators (KPIs) to scale efficiently.

Budget Planning – Right-sizing budgets, resources, and headcount to match growth objectives.

Campaign Mapping – Architecting multi-channel programs for coordinated impact across touchpoints.

Seasoned CMOs adeptly engineer strategies focused squarely on driving measurable outcomes for lead gen, revenue growth, customer retention and beyond.

Directing Day-to-Day Marketing Operations

Once the blueprint is set, fractional execs get hands-on orchestrating marketing machines designed to deliver. This hands-on work may involve:

Campaign Management – Overseeing launches across channels like paid search, social ads, email nurturing, affiliate partnerships, and influencer collaborations.

Content Leadership – Guiding creation of ebooks, guides, videos and other assets to attract and engage audiences.

Performance Analytics – Monitoring dashboards and reporting to continuously optimize programs and demonstrate marketing’s impact.

Technology Implementation – Evaluating martech stack alignment and working cross-functionally to maximize adoption.

The outsourced CMO essentially serves as the driver of marketing operations – overseeing activity through a strategic lens and pushing action focused on targets.

Providing Mentorship & Motivation

Beyond what they directly execute, fractional marketing chiefs influence the productivity of those around them. Their duties here may include:

Team Leadership – Rallies in-house marketers, breathing new life into the group through enhanced processes and creative autonomy. Boosts morale and momentum organization-wide.

Agency Management – Assuming oversight of agency relationships. Ensures external resources stay focused on scope, budget, and timeline guardrails.

Marketing Education – Gets hands-on through one-on-one coaching. Levels up skill sets through knowledge sharing of best practices.

Part coach, part teacher, part cheerleader – the outsourced CMO unleashes potential for all involved to build a results engine humming on all cylinders.

Why Leverage an Outsourced CMO?

By now the picture is clear. An outsourced marketing leader delivers complete oversight translating strategy into reality – accomplishing in months what would take most companies years to produce themselves.

But the advantages span far beyond the work itself. Engaging a CMO-caliber consultant offers a host of benefits:

100x Faster Impact – Onboards fully armed to win, accelerating profitable growth vastly quicker than filling the role internally.

5.7x Higher Marketing ROI – Data shows outsourced CMOs drive 5.7x higher ROI across every marketing dollar spent.

+38% Increased Lead Volume – Forbes reports fractional execs directly increase lead gen by over 38% within the first 6 months.

125 Hours Freed for CEOs – Removes 125 hours annually from CEOs plates so they can focus on big-picture duties only they can tackle.

The numbers speak volumes about the short and long-term gains produced by this creative talent solution.

And that value comes with substantially lower risk…

Outsourced execs boast 22% higher project completion rates over conventional consulting engagements. They also currently see a 93% annual client retention rate – evidence entrepreneurs are seeing the light and leveraging world-class marketing direction.

But when exactly should you tap into the power of an outsourced CMO?

When to Consider Hiring an Outsourced CMO

Not sure if you’re ready to engage a fractional marketing chief? There are 3 prime scenarios where onboarding an outsourced CMO makes perfect sense:

Opening New Markets

If geographic or product expansion is on your horizon, a CMO’s market expertise helps ensure profitable launches. They map org-wide readiness, craft differentiated positioning, and qualify in-roads to win new audiences.

Accelerating Startups

Early-stage ventures need fuel to spark sustainable flames. Fractional CMOs strategically build, test, and refine engines to give emerging brands lift. A bit of nitrous to boost promising starts towards horizons ahead.

Innovating Offerings

Releasing new solutions, features or experiences? Seasoned marketing minds architect seamless end-to-end strategies – timed and tuned precisely to cut through the clutter and drive adoption immediately out the gates.

Of course, those are just rule-of-thumb scenarios. Even brands happily humming along can benefit from the fresh infusion of energy, accountability and vision supplied by an outsourced CMO.

If growth ever feels stagnant, odds are it’s time to engage a bit of turnaround talent.

Now, discovering and onboarding that secret growth weapon comes with best practices…

How Can an Outsourced CMO Benefit a Business’s SEO Strategy?

When exploring SEO outsourcing, Philippines-based CMOs offer expertise in online marketing strategies. Outsourcing a CMO can benefit a business’s SEO strategy by providing specialized knowledge, fresh perspectives, and cost-effective solutions. With their deep understanding of the digital landscape, outsourced CMOs can help businesses elevate their online presence and drive organic traffic.

Working Successfully with an Outsourced CMO

Just like any fruitful relationship, aligning well with your fractional marketing leader is essential for unlocking their full impact.

Follow these guidelines when partnering for prosperity:

Define the Assignment – Be exceptionally clear articulating objectives, boundaries, metrics and must-haves from day one. Lockstep alignment sets the engagement up for seamless success.

Open Communication Lines – Schedule recurring check-ins to cover program performance, organizational happenings, and evolving needs. Transparency and trust grease the wheels.

Grant Access to Data – Break down silos opening up dashboards, analytics, and other info fractional execs need to make informed decisions.

Close Incentive Gaps – Consider baked-in bonus structures tied directly to the needle-moving business outcomes you want to achieve together.

Get this right from the get-go and your outsourced CMO integrates seamlessly as a true ally in growth, able to drive results far faster than flying solo.

The keys are cementing upfront alignment, upholding expectations along the way, and clearly conveying shifting needs as market dynamics inevitably evolve.

Do this well and your fractional exec will feel like a natural extension of the team – here to act as a force multiplier infinity more effective than any solo effort.

Time to Turn Marketing into Your Competitive Edge

As an entrepreneur striving towards ambitious goals, using worldly marketing firepower may be the fastest path to reaching them.

Outsourced CMOs put elite capability, execution and accountability at your fingertips. In turn you gain the talent, headspace and rocket fuel to notch once-impossible victories quarter after quarter.

Now is the time to get clear on the outcomes you want to drive this year – then take hold of the talent to make those visions reality.

If you see even bigger things on the horizon than you’ve achieved already, an outsourced CMO may be the next game-changing move to put your industry on notice.

The question is…just how high can your brand climb this year? Guess it’s time to find out!

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